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Authentic Italian Cuisine Italian Restaurant at Grappolo London

Anyone who has ever tasted a freshly baked pizza alla magherita in Napoli or a steaming plate of tortellini al ragù in Bologna knows all too well that there is a point where taste can bring us to the brink of ecstasy, particularly when paired with a suitably delicious glass of wine.

Grappolo Ristorante & Bar is our attempt to extract a portion of this divine deliciousness, put it artfully on a plate, and serve it to London.

As London-based Italians we are in love with the sublime flavours we grew up with back home, but cannot deny the exquisiteness and ingenuity featured at restaurants in and around the Square Mile. Therefore, to arrive at a perfect balance our chefs begin with the Italian finest ingredients – tenders meats, fresh seafood and vibrant vegetables – and applying to them the time-honoured techniques of real Italian cuisine along with a healthy splash of imagination.

For our namesake, we have had a bit of fun constructing our wine list, which includes a unique selection of rare Italian wines, as well as other London favourites from Italy and beyond.

Come sempre, mangia e bevi bene